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New Currency Models
Business to business barter systems are the most well known alternative currencies
available, and have a proven track record of improving the businesses that participate
in them. Barter systems, which are robust accounting systems, managed as a business,
are providing an alternative means of payment, while using the dollar as the unit of value. 
This demonstrates that alternative payment systems are a viable way to go. Making them
consumer-friendly is the challenge.  

To this end, Common Good Finance has created rCredits as an alternative payment system based on Community-created credit, the idea being that as a community, we can honor each other's credit and use it as an alternative means of payment. 

See "About rCredits and Sociocracy". 

- JGR Jr  

Community Currency models are available at the following link and listed below:   

- Berkshares, Inc
- Beetcoin
- Bitcoin
- Bitshares
- Community Currency Knowledge Gateway
- Devcoin
- Digital Coin
- Fair Coin
- Fourth Corner Exchange
- Grantcoin
- hOur World
- Ithaca Hours
- rCredits
- Time Banks
- Time Trade Circle
- Value Card Alliance
- Well Coin



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