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About Credit To The People

Margaret S. Arndt
​(617) 244-1966

- Secretary and Web Master of Credit To The People (CTTP)
- Holistic Financial Consultant*
- Certified "Agent of Conscious Evolution" (ACE) and Conscious Evolution Boston Hub member
- Member of "The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible"
- Member of The Massachusetts Republic
- Host and facilitator of intentional community gatherings:

Purpose statement:

- Co-facilitate intentional community to help evolve ourselves and co-create a peaceful, healthy,
  sustainable, and prosperous world.

- Empower all to manifest our goals, dreams, and visions (through Dream Mapping, holistic    
  financial planning*, including socially responsible investing*, mutual credit and dynamic  
  governance), experience prosperity and abundance, and contribute toward peaceful, healthy,
  sustainable, and thriving communities and planet for the highest and greatest good. 

- Help create an honest, transparent, and sustainable monetary system of, by, 
  and for We the People by providing education about alternative currencies, mutual credit 
  systems, and other methods designed to create a socially just and environmentally
  sustainable economy and society.

*Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Credit To The People, Sage Consulting, and Cambridge are not affiliated. Branch Office: 99 Crescent Street, Newton, MA 02466 (617) 244-1966

Peter Bearse
(603) 835-3924

PETER BEARSE was born May 27, 1941, grew up in Gloucester, MA and graduated 
from Harvard after majoring in mathematics in 1963. Science and history have been 
the two greatest influences in his life. His mentors include Albert Hirschman, Benoit 
Mandlebrot, Richard Feynman and Abraham Lincoln.

Peter held the following positions before going into business for himself:

  Director, New Communities Project, Cornell University, Ithaca N.Y., 1971-72.

  Director, Governor’s Office of Economic Policy, State of NJ, 1973-75.

  Lecturer, Research Associate and Associate Director of the Center for NJ Affairs, Woodrow 
  Wilson School, Princeton University, 1976-79.

  Director of Economic Development, Public/Private Ventures, Philadelphia, PA, 1980-82.

In 1982, Peter started his own business, Development Strategies Corporation, which provided advice and research to the U.S. Department of Commerce, major industry trade associations and governments at all levels, both foreign and domestic. Peter worked on development projects in 15 different countries world-wide. He phased out the business starting in 2002 in order to devote more time to his two true loves, politics and writing. 

As an author, Peter has written 5 books -- two in the field of economics and a series of three political books on the theme of “We the People: A Conservative Populism.

As a man devoted to public life, Peter has been elected to 3 local offices in two different states and run for Congress three times, once as a Democrat (nominated after winning a primary), once as an Independent, and once as a Republican. 

Currently, Peter is working on two major projects with Carmine Gorga; one, a new model of a sustainable political economy; another, formation of a new, non-profit organization to advance the cause of a Real Peoples’ Congress so that “We the People” are both well-represented and truly empowered. Peter and Carmine have also joined with others to form CttP. 

Terra Friedrichs
terraf at compuserve dot com 
978 808 7173 (cell)
978 266 2775 (desk)

Socially Conscious Management Consultant & Strategy Coach
Stakeholder Interviews
BSEE, Masters of Science in Finance

Terra Friedrichs specializes in helping profit and non-profit organizations decide where they want to go, and how to get there. Using either phone interviews, or onsite workshops and roundtable discussions, to develop, inspire and achieve productive change, she helps organizations understand, prioritize and achieve their goals. Over the years, she's specialized in helping organizations develop "metrics" for what they consider to be success and help them measure that success. Growth is simply not enough of a metric to determine the future viability of an organization. "Numbers are not everything", she tells us, "but it's good to know people think the numbers are!" She has a history of developing metrics that stand the test of time, and helps organizations determine how to measure success in unique and satisfying ways. Most recently, she has brought this experience to bear in public policy by digging out the numbers to understand how to help communities "strengthen their social compact" and help people understand how economies can work for the common good, as well for the few. Her main actions revolve around helping people understand how to use the law to protect their communities from corporate destruction. She's engaged in the statewide ballot initiative which aims to amend the Massachusetts Constitution, based on "Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech", as a first step in getting Big Money Out of our elections. She also gives lectures in municipal rights, and assists municipalities in developing ordinances and invoking their jurisdictional authority to protect their communities. Find more information on her professional work, go to:,
and on her political involvement, go to 

Carmine Gorga
(978) 283-5926​

A former Fulbright scholar and the recipient of a Council of Europe Scholarship for his 
dissertation on “The Political Thought of Louis D. Brandeis.” Dr. Gorga has transformed the 
linear world of economic theory into a relational discipline in which everything is related to everything else—internally as well as externally. He was assisted in this endeavor by many people, notably for twenty-seven years by Professor Franco Modigliani, a Nobel laureate in economics from MIT. The resulting work, The Economic Process: An Instantaneous Non-Newtonian Picture, was published by the University Press of America in 2002 and expanded 
in 2010. During the last few years, Mr. Gorga has concentrated his attention on the 
requirements for the unification of economic theory and policy -- as well as the unification of 
the "Two Cultures." 

Dr. Gorga is founder of:
Concordian Economics
​The Somist Institute

He blogs at and For details, see

Harlan Ketterling 
(508) 376-2715

I have for most of my life lived simpler Economics by growing much of my own food, and by
living a simpler life style to meet my basic living needs. By discerning 'what is Enough' as a practice for my life, for my day....I have found this to finally limit 'the pursuit' of having enough.

While I have a B.S. Degree in Psychology, I have an experiential SHK (school of hard knocks) degree from the living intelligence of Life.

I grew up in N. Dakota in a family of 8 siblings where we experienced community living. For 
some 30 years I cared for special needs persons, the last 20 years in my own 
with them in a therapeutic 'family love' of daily mutual serving each other.

In 2013, I experienced a Life threatening attack in my own home, an hour before the Boston Marathon Bombing. This violence, an experience of 'power over' me, reminded me of the 
varied 'power over' that we as white persons are benefiting from as American inheritance. I 
find this 'power over' as the primary unhealthy dynamic in our current economic delivery mode.

I find the aims of CTTP as understanding this unhealthy dynamic, and so we have created an alternative called rCredits currency that fosters healthy individual and Community dynamics of' power with' the people.​

Robert Leaver
(508) 747-5135

​Robert Leaver has had a variety of life experiences. In 1964, as a recently
minted MBA, he worked in South America for the Rockefeller family and then 
as an international banker for the First National Bank of Boston. Eight years later, 
tired of playing the economic hitman, he left the for-profit sector altogether to pursue 
his interest in psychology and psychotherapy, as director of Liberty Street Associates, 
a community mental health clinic north of Boston.

Also interested in how young people learn and grow, Leaver became trustee of The 
Stowe School and Beacon College and, in 1976, Headmaster and Board Chair of The 
Woodstock Country School, in Vermont. 

In 1980, tired of manipulating people to perpetuate anachronistic values and assumptions, 
Leaver left management altogether, dropped out, and embarked on a solitary retreat. His objective was “to sit down, shut up, and listen (for a change).” For the next ten years, he 
read, wrote, and meditated. 

In 1990, Leaver began to be asked to speak to groups about the things he’d learned on his retreat. Though it had not been his objective to teach, he began developing The Course in 
Self-understanding and Personal Integration (The Course). His younger students called The Course, “the course in figuring out who you are, what you should be doing with your life, and 
how to go about doing it.”

In 2000, because of his ideas about the relationship between personal integration, effectiveness and success, Leaver was invited to join The Price-Babson Seminar for Entrepreneurial Educators, a Harvard Business School-Babson College collaboration for the advanced training 
of teachers of entrepreneurship. In 2002, based on his experiences as businessman, mental health services provider and educator, Leaver presented a paper to the group on the relationship between personal integration and entrepreneurial success, Right Education for Entrepreneurs.

Over the past 20 years, Leaver has taught his course to individuals, small groups, and larger audiences. He has taught from Boston to Bangkok, and has students from a number of countries. Many of Leaver’s students now teach their own version of The Course.  

John Marden

I am a retired land developer with no claim to academic economics other than 
having been versed in the dismal science’s mid-century thought; then in lieu of a 
graduate degree, I obtained a commercial driver’s license and experienced the 
economic perspective of America from a bulldozer and eighteen wheeled trucks. 
I combined that experience with a question put in 1956 to an elderly brother-in-law, 
a corporate lawyer. I asked him how he would define the difference between what 
were then called the real estate and the paper estate arenas of business. “That is 
very easy for a lawyer who practiced throughout the Great Depression;” he said: 
“One is a place where you can grow potatoes; the other will light you a short lived 
fire.” I think we should pay a lot more attention to where we can grow potatoes. In 
the meantime, I offer a preliminary approach, a stepping stone towards the idea of 
a new currency, and advocate restoring the middle class.

John G Root Jr
​(413) 329-3200

President of Just Abundance, Inc.
and Senior Policy Analyst for Common Good Finance.
Member of "The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible"
Member of The Massachusetts Republic
Author of "Understanding Money and Banking By, Of and For the People"
Currently working on a book tentatively titled: Money, the primary tool of the 
Sovereign Power, How Community Created Credit and Sociocracy will give a 
Just Abundance.

David M. Snieckus
(617) 964-2951​

Facilitated the formation of the Massachusetts Public Banking Advocates, which has 
evolved to Credit To The People
Co-founded the Massachusetts Foreclosure Defense League 
Member of "The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible"
Member of The Massachusetts Republic
Graduate of the world renowned Kushi Institute
Macrobiotic Counselor and Chef
Co-hosts and chef for intentional community gatherings and retreats at the following meet-up:

- An honest, transparent, and sustainable monetary system
- “Every kitchen a wellness center” 
- One peaceful world

Denise Ward
(508) 898-9956

Denise currently works in community radio and has her own show which brings
awareness and music together. After learning about finance and Warren Buffett's 
investment strategies, she realized in 2007 that the market made no sense, valuations 
were baseless, and the whole economic system was out of control. During this new 
dawning of our evolution, she intends to be involved in framing the next wave. She has 
been working on solutions, particularly on making climate change part of a new framework 
that would make sequestering carbon dioxide the basis of the next economy, with built-in incentives to motivate and reward behavior that reverses our current environmental 
trajectory and restores a healthy and thriving planet.  

We are an educational membership organization that meets monthly and is committed to a comprehensive understanding of credit and money. It is our further objective to facilitate the emergence of this understanding so that people take responsibility for using credit and money for the common good and benefit of all. We aim to create a healthy and thriving society out of our ongoing understanding of credit and money.