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~ Helping people understand and take responsibility 
for using credit and money for the benefit of all ~

About rCredits and Sociocracy

rCredits and Sociocracy are organizational tools that make it possible for a community to organize and fund its affairs on the basis of the participation of everyone in the community.

Sociocracy is based on a recognition of the unity that comes from genuinely respecting the diversity of the participants. It is both a way of conducting meetings and making decisions based on consent, as well as an organizational structure. It makes it possible to realize the potential of rCredits to issue money for what the community values. rCredits is a payment system that the participants control and that is capable of increasing the money supply and funding the projects the community decides will serve the common good.

"Common Good Communities" are conducted and administered using sociocracy and are funded using rCredits. It is gaining experience with these twin organizational tools that underpins all the wonderful possibilities of Common Good Communities.

Signing up for an rCredits account is like opening a bank account online. All the same information needed for a bank account is also needed for rCredits. The security of the rCredits system is better than that of banks. The big difference is the agreement. The rCredits Agreement, which is the basis of the payment system, is a large print agreement, (unlike the bank agreement that you most likely did not read). You need to read and understand the rCredits Agreement, which says in essence that you agree to be a responsible participant in the Common Good Economy.

You will also need a head shot photo for your rCard. Your rCredits account is best connected to your regular bank account so that you can easily transfer dollars to rCredits and rCredits to dollars. What actually happens is that the dollars you transfer to the rCredits system are in your communities escrow account and the system issues you rCredits to spend with other participants. This doubles the money supply - dollars in escrow and rCredits in your account. The system also issues rCredits as incentives for using the system in ways that make it stronger and more useful.

You access your account with an rCard and a smartphone app, or on the internet. Vendors that currently accept rCredits are in Greenfield, MA and Brattleboro, VT.   

We expect there to be an ever increasing number of businesses and vendors accepting rCredits as Common Good Communities develop.

To set up an rCredits account, go to and request an invitation.