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Holistic Planning
Holistic Planning

- Involves taking a holistic, integrated, comprehensive approach to both financial planning and life planning, thereby addressing the whole of one’s life based on one’s needs and goals. 

- Involves more deeply exploring one’s inner life and life path, identifying what one wants to develop, accomplish, and manifest in one’s life in alignment with one’s values, life purpose, dreams, and visions, being on path consciously and purposefully, and making a meaningful difference in the world at large.

Holistic Financial Planning

​A holistic, integrated and comprehensive approach to financial planning empowers us on our path toward financial and overall well-being, independence, peace of mind, and freedom. It helps us manifest our goals and dreams, and a fulfilling and abundant life in alignment with our deepest values and life purpose.

​It begins with an understanding of our circumstances, lifestyle, beliefs, values, purpose, needs, goals, dreams, and visions. 

​In the existing monetary system, it involves a comprehensive planning process, and addresses the five cornerstones to financial planning: risk management, wealth building, wealth preservation, wealth distribution, and wealth transfer. Most importantly, it involves aligning our planning and investing with our values. Knowing that one’s assets are working toward meeting one’s goals and dreams as well as making a difference in the world if one so chooses is highly significant.

​​Note that in the existing monetary system, there is an inequitable distribution of wealth. In the new paradigm monetary system, the wealth distribution is equitable, money is not scarce, and financial planning will more likely be needed by all. 

​Because a new paradigm system rewards flow, not accumulation, creating, not owning, and giving, not having, financial planning will be oriented towards what the community decides is good and of value. 


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